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Welcome to the Flightcon Gallery


At the heart of the vision for Flightcon International, has been desire to create a Gallery that caters to the serious amateur and semi-professional aviation photographer.

All the feedback we have received tells us that Instagram and the other platforms are not supporting this group of enthusiasts, so Flightcon is going to provide the platform for them.

You’re welcome to join the site – it’s free! We need everyone to first apply and send us a few of your images so we can approve every application. The successful photographers will get a username and password to submit your work to the site.

You are welcome/encouraged to watermark your images to protect them. We are adding in a security layer to the Gallery to restrict people downloading the images, but nothing can stop screenshots. Every submitted photograph will be checked by a staff member before being loaded to the site, to protect viruses, spammers and bots loading content we do not allow.