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Global Role

The KEY part of our mission is to give work experience to journalism graduates and creative writers as interns and volunteers who want to share their passion for flight with others around the world.  As a global organization we are very keen to receive applications from outside the UK/EU and USA, although people in these two regions are welcome to apply.

We currently need people to cover the following aviation sectors:

  • Commercial (including interiors);
  • Private (inc. experimental, ultralights, etc.);
  • Executive;
  • Military (inc. drones & UAV);
  • Historical;
  • Space;
  • Rotary & Helocopters;
  • New Technologies (inc. supersonic, electric, composite, etc.).


All articles must be written in English (American or UK spelling is OK) and these will be edited internally.   Even if you live in USA or UK, please apply if you have journalist experience or a background in the eight sectors above.

We are also keen to hear from pilots, air crew, aircraft mechanics and restorers, airport operations, etc. who want to write for the site (pseudonym possible).

You will be asked for one article a week as part of the role and you can submit more.  If people submit the same story line, we will merge them into a single article and credit each person.

If selected for interview, we will be asked to provide a longer article (1000 words) on any aviation topic of your choice. You have been warned!!

This is an unpaid, home based role.  We will be treating this the same as the people who are office based and expect you to submit the minimum number of articles each week.



English language degree or creative writing studies,

Alternatively, two years’ experience as a journalist or feature writer, with a strong interest in aviation.

Detail & fact orientated, excellent written English. Excellent Microsoft Office skills, especially Word.

Ideally have experience finding suitable stock photos to support articles



email your CV/Resume, a covering letter in PDF format to:  talent [@] flightcon.net