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Global Role

The KEY part of our mission is to give work experience to photographer as interns and volunteers who want to share their passion for flight with others around the world. As part of this mission, we are looking for photographers to join Flightcon as “staff photographer” positions.

As a global organization we are very keen to receive applications from outside the UK/EU and USA, although still apply if you live in these two regions.

We currently need people to cover the following aviation sectors:

  • Commercial (including interiors);
  • Private (inc. experimental, ultralights, etc.);
  • Executive;
  • Military (inc. drones & UAV);
  • Historical;
  • Space;
  • Rotary & Helocopters;
  • New Technologies (inc. supersonic, electric, composite, etc.).

The photographs will need to be presented in the correct format and to our guidelines (not too tightly cropped, high resolution, etc.).  We don’t want snaps, but will take photographs that are artistic, or alternative views or style, and which may have been through Lightroom, etc.  The better they are the more they will appear on the site.

You retain the copyright to your photographs but licence the ones you upload to Flightcon International as part of this role.  Flightcon will have the rights to show them via their site indefinitely.  Your will be listed on the site as a “Staff Photographer”.

Where we use any photographs in our annual calendars – we chose the best images available – you will be credited as the photographer on the page and shown as the copyright holder.  Two copies of the calendar will be mailed to you free of charge and additional copies can be purchased at 50% discount.

This is an unpaid, home based role.  It can be part time or as a hobby.  But it is a formal role with the company.  We will be treating this role the same as the people who are office based and expect you to submit the minimum number of photographs each week (they can be images already taken).  If you stop submitting photographs or leave the internship, you will lose the right to use the job title.



Most candidates will have been taking aviation photographs for 3+ years and have developed a high a good level of skill and a good style.  You will have invested in good quality camera equipment that shows in the quality of your photographs

But some people are naturals and produce high quality photographs must faster than others, even on a smart phone.

So apply and let your photographs promote you!



email your CV/Resume, a covering letter in PDF format, and at least 3 photographs to:  talent [@] flightcon.net

if you have images on Facebook or Instagram please provide the link to your pages with your application.