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A Cargo Tale Jobs

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Commercial | 0 comments

Big change is afoot in the air cargo industry


While the pandemic undoubtedly hit commercial aviation hard, it has also provided an opportunity for growth within its close relative – the air cargo industry.

Is it too early to say that spring has sprung? The birds are singing, the sunny days are getting longer and more frequent – and, we can actually go outside to enjoy them, unlike this time last year. I hope I’m not jinxing it when I say that this year’s spring may be the most ‘normal’ season for the last two years. The ‘new normal’ is rapidly fading faster than fidget spinners did as Covid slowly retreats into the realm of ‘yearly nuisance’ viruses like the common cold. With its departure, the world is slowly waking up to the new spring. Recovering industries are growing like the first bluebells, increased vaccination rates bring hope to the global population like the first of spring sunshine, and a newfound sense of optimism seems to be settling over the world. What’s more, certain industries have used post-pandemic recovery like a shot of steroids, growing at a faster rate than they did before Covid blighted this planet. One of those is the global air cargo industry, the subject of this article. I want to explore how industry players have been utilising this explosive growth in the midst of a pandemic, how the E-commerce boom acted like rocket thrusters to propel this industry forward – and how air cargo is future-proofing itself to keep growth at eye-wateringly high levels. I’m not exactly known for keeping these deep dives ‘short and sweet’, so if you’re expecting a quick 5 minute read, you might want to save it for another time. That being said, I hope you’ll come away from reading this knowing that little bit extra about an industry you’re interested in (I assume you’re interested anyway, if you’re browsing through a website meant for aviation enthusiasts!)


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